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Criminal Defense Video Transcript:


I’m a former deputy prosecutor. I was in that position for several years. I started out in traffic and misdemeanor court and eventually worked my way up to handling serious felony cases. I have tried many cases both as a deputy prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer. So I understand both sides of the system - how does the prosecutor think and assess a case? I’ve been there. I understand how he thinks. I know what the legal defenses and issues are and I understand the possibilities for taking a case to trial. I still handle all sorts of criminal cases - from traffic tickets to white collar cases, drug cases, drunk driving cases, and even murder cases.







2827 Lincolnway East  Mishawaka, IN 46544  |  Telephone:  (574) 255-1776  |  Text:  (574) 400-5292 (law2)  |  Fax:  (574) 255-2341

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